The Benefits of Tiny Silver Particles in Tiny Brown Bottles

The Benefits of Tiny Silver Particles in Tiny Brown Bottles

By Dr. Frank Charles

Argentyn 23 manufactured by Natural Immuogenics is our top choice for consistent and safe immune support and microbial control.

Now it is easier than ever to have Argentyn 23 available at all times with the NEW amazingly cute 1 oz. size bottles. In addition to taking them everywhere, they make great gifts and can be carried on to airplanes legally. The new 1oz. sizes come in a vertical spray for sinus application, a horizontal spray for throat or skin and a bottle for internal use.

I personally would not travel without Argentyn 23 and this new size makes it easy to administer while in transit to anyplace.

Argentyn 23 is hands down the most significant speciation of silver for antimicrobial effectiveness available today. Speciation refers to the specific critical properties of the finished product imbued by the silver sourcing, preparation and manufacturing process. Contrary to what those with little knowledge of silver say, silver is NOT a heavy metal and is not at all dangerous to the body. Silver in various forms are utilized in hospitals, NASA space ships, and U.S. naval vessels for its disinfectant and healing properties. Up until the last hundred years and the advent of modern antibiotics, silver had played a very important role in the medical pharmacopeias from family physicians to surgeons.

Natural Immunogenics high quality silver products are delivered in brown glass bottles as silver should never be stored in any type of plastic. Silver releases phthalates from the plastic and we all know that phthalates are endocrine disruptors. In my mind selling silver stored in plastic is tantamount to holistic health malpractice.

Many silvers are easily but poorly made and have impurities, or are bound to mineral salts or proteins that invite various problems. The lack of effectiveness of non-hydrosol and impure silvers are due to much larger particle size and inability to generate an oligodynamic highly energetic level of activity. This was a key reason as to why I chose to not embrace silver products previous to my work with Argentyn 23. It is the electron activity of silvers that disrupt and degrade the cell membranes of microbes.

Size, dispersion and purity make Argentyn 23 the only speciation of its kind. This is the reason for the effectiveness of Argentyn23 and can be proven and validated through Transmission Electron Microscopy. Third party testing with infectious agents have shown the effectiveness of this speciation against all others.

The Argentyn 23 is the professional brand while the Sovereign Silver is the retail brand.

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