Staying well while you travel

Being fit and healthy before traveling will reduce your chances of falling victim to a nasty travel bug, but it is never foolproof and nothing spoils a holiday more than getting sick! So pack some natural remedies ‘just in case’ and follow our tips to overcoming the most common travel ills.

For some unfortunate travelers, getting to their holiday destination is marred by motion sickness. Symptoms usually involve nausea, dizziness and a cold, clammy sensation. Travelers who feel nauseous should look as far away out the window as possible to restore the body’s normal balance mechanisms. Some effective natural options for motion sickness include inhaling Amrita Peppermint Essential Oil or consuming the anti-nausea herb Ginger. Available in capsule form, Ginger should be commenced a few days before travel. You can also munch on some glacé ginger but there is no guarantee you’ll receive a therapeutic dose as you would from taking a supplement: MBi Nutraceuticals Ginger CapsulesMBi Nutraceuticals Nausea Drops Homeopathic Formula eases the pain and discomfort associated with nausea from motion or morning sickness.

Fighting infection
On long plane trips, breathing recirculated air – and the inevitable viruses and bacteria circulating with it – is unavoidable. To build your resistance to infection, take immune boosting herbs for at least a week before you travel. One of the best choices is Davinci Labs Olive Leaf Extract, which is well recognized for its ability to help the body’s immune system fight against illness. Another great choice during the flight  is to spray the Argentyn 23 vertical spray 1 oz travel size in the nostrils and afterwards to kill microbial and sooth mucus membrane.

Those long flights
Long plane trips and changes in climate can also lead to fluid retention, particularly in the hands, feet and ankles. MBi Nutraceuticals Bio-Diuretic Herbal Combination is useful for combating this situation. Read up on the exercises provided by your airline to prevent deep vein thrombosis and do them regularly during your flight. For long cross country or international flights, SafeCareRx Jet Lag Homeopathic assists with fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability and nervous tension associated with travel and the time zone changes.

Gastric upset
This is one of the most likely conditions to interrupt your holiday and the chances of gastric upset increases when you travel to countries where food and hygiene standards are less rigorous than what we are accustomed to in Australia. Symptoms of gastric disturbances can range from mild diarrhea and an upset stomach to the more serious condition of gastroenteritis caused by bacteria. By populating your digestive tract with good bacteria such as probiotics, your body is more capable of eliminating any bad bacteria you may come into contact with. The Innate Response Flora 50-14 or Pharmax HLC Multi Strain would not have to be refrigerated.

If you suspect you’ve picked up an infection, take a tsp of Argentyn 23 1 oz travel size repeat at least 4-5 times. Another option take MBi Nutraceuticals Golden Seal Herbal Extract as this herb possesses antimicrobial properties, which means it can inhibit the growth of microbes such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. MBi Nutraceuticals Pau D’Arco Herbal Extract also helps to repel nasties. These two herbs help to kill gut bugs when they come into contact with the stomach, so if you take these herbs at the same time you eat a meal, they can really help guard against infection caused by proliferation of bacteria. Transformation ReleaseZyme is useful to take when traveling to naturally jump start the sluggish colon encouraging a bowel movement which may help prevent or manage constipation.

Other natural travel remedies

Psyllium Hulls: Prevents constipation (take daily)

Vitamin B complex CWS: Promotes general well being (particularly if frequent alcohol intake)

Bugs BeGone: a DEET-free natural insect repellent

Tea Tree oil: Topical reflect for bacteria, viral and fungal infections and soothes incest bites

Argentyn 23 travel sizes include the gel, fine mist, screw top and vertical spray

Caution: When traveling overseas, it is advisable to declare any herbs you are carrying to customs. As long as you have the herbs in their original containers (which have an Aust L on the label) there shouldn’t be any problems.


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