Our Favorite Leaky Gut Trio

Here are some powerful technologies for leaky gut that work extremely well together.

In the past two months we have attended two conferences including the Gut Brain and Microbiome conferences in Florida. While much information on various aspects of complex interactions were presented there were few innovative or outstanding products or protocols that excite me as much as the ones I will discuss here.

Check out some of our favorite technologies:

1. Pharmax HLC or Genestra HMF human microflora strains
2. Anova Health MBM Proven Prebiotic Formulation
3. Anova Health AvinoCort for core SIgA support

There is overwhelming evidence that 4 human human strain floras have the ability to reinoculate the upper intestinal track where others cannot. Chosen from over 600 human strains after years of research this consortium 4 found products from Pharmax and sister company Genestra. They have both proven themselves in several long term trials unrivaled by any other probiotic strains. HLC and HMF probiotics come in various strengths based on need. Pharmax HLC Replenish is my favorite for one to two week intensive small intestine reinoculation

Human strain probiotics are the safest in the industry. Please be aware that many of the new “spore” based probiotics while hardly have not been proven SAFE in many instances and can actually be dangerous to certain individuals.  There have been 9 deaths from septicemia form spore based organisms. Human strains and many food derived probiotics have a track record for safety.

One of the major reasons people have difficulty maintaining a health intestinal mucosa is stress. Prolonged stress leads to the suppression of Secretory or (SIgA) and the protection SIgA provides from pathogens.

Anova Health AvinoCort has been proven to reduce many aspects of stress in a number of ways. Because of the many factors in AvinoCort, about 70% of individuals  tend to report better sleep, more stamina, improved mood levels and more mental clarity. Individuals report varying degrees of these felt benefits within 2-5 days. Blood tests confirm better adrenal functions and metabolic syndrome markers in about 60 days in the 30% of individuals who don’t necessarily feel AvinoCort’s wow factor.

Anova Health MBM is a novel and highly effective prebiotic without the downside of sugar/starch based inulin. MBM has proven to repair leaky gut and elongate intestinal villi in pathology photographs. No other prebiotic has been able to prove this.

Thanks to years of research and development of the proprietary enzymatic extraction technology, MBM is also free of fructans, gluten, and gliadin and contains a concentration of biologically active compounds such as benzoquinones and a rich amino-acid profile. The synergistic effect of these biologically active compounds with vitamins and trace elements found in Anova Health MBM help nourish and sustain the growth and activity of over 300 species of beneficial bacteria in the gastro-intestinal microflora.

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