Effective Immune Support for Cold and Flu Season Support

This is the season where all of us begin looking for highly effective support for cold and flu season. To effectively resolve acute issues before they move deeper requires they we be prepared ahead of time and have several remedies in our home apothecary.

I personally love the combination of Sovereign Silver, Immuno-DMG from DaVinci Labs, and UNDA Muco Coccinum.

In essence, the approach is to reduce the microbial load, support the modulation of the immune system and provide homeopathic stimulation and drainage support.

Many of you have already experienced the miraculous results for controlling microbial overgrowth year round with Sovereign Silver, the most advanced speciation of silver available today. Sovereign Silver is always in brown glass bottles as any silver must be to prevent leaching of plastic materials.

Effectiveness with silver requires proper dosing and is time and delivery dependent as an immune support remedy. Sovereign Silver has a necessarily wide variety of delivery systems for reducing microbial overgrowth.

For microbes that enter into the sinuses, Sovereign Silver comes in a convenient vertical 2oz. sinus spray bottle. Oral application in cases of sore throats, to reduce mouth bacteria, and resolving laryngitis the horizontal delivery system via the Fine Mist Spray 2 oz. bottle is recommended.

Oral ingestion via teaspoon or tablespoon dispensed from 4, 8, 16, and 32oz. bottles is recommended by holding in the mouth for at least 30 to 45 seconds for maximum lymph saturation. Dosing often is required in acute situations.

For eye and ear applications Sovereign Silver comes in a convenient 2 oz. dropper bottle.

For upper respiratory track infections Anova Health offers the Omron CE-130 Nebulizer to nebulize Sovereign Silver directly out of the bottle with no dilution. The amount used would be 1/2 to 1 tsp. for a 20-30 minute breathing session.

We include with every order of an Sovereign Silver product a free patient guide and dosing brochure. For questions please feel free to call us at 864-408-8320.

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