Detox Year-Round With Innate Detox


As readers of this blog know, we’re big fans of doing periodic detoxes to cleanse the liver, kidneys and other emunctories so your body can operate at its highest level. Because of the high levels of toxins that we ingest on a daily basis, from our food to our air to our water to our cosmetics, it’s important that our bodies are able to adequately detoxify themselves so that we don’t experience a toxin overload that can cause a range of symptoms, from fatigue and depression to allergies and hormone imbalances.

Sometimes, though, it’s important to do more than just a periodic cleanse when trying to support optimal liver health. Because of this constant bombardment, daily liver health supplementation might be necessary to keep toxin overload from becoming too much to bear.

Research is expanding our understanding of the mechanisms of detoxification, and the necessary nutrients that aid this process. From vitamins and antioxidants to specialized liver support nutrients such as milk thistle and N-Acetyl Cysteine, daily supplements that provide these key ingredients are becoming more and more popular.

Our favorite daily liver-support supplement is Innate Detox by Innate Response. By combining the most supportive, potent botanicals, such as milk thistle and dandelion, with a therapeutic dosage of N-acetyl cysteine and a cruciferous food blend, Innate Detox brings about the most profound effect on the detoxification pathways of the liver. This formula is a foundational purification product that is ideal for patients intending bring about a purifying change to their overall health and incorporate powerful liver support with synergistic cofactors and supportive nutrients.

Innate combines two powerful liver-support ingredients for a potent daily detoxifying product:

Milk Thistle: Milk thistle (silymarin) extract may support the liver by optimizing the detoxification pathways—specifically phase 1. As with other bioflavonoids, silymarin can be a powerful antioxidant, which becomes critical during the detoxification process, especially after phase 1 is completed.

N-Acetyl Cysteine: NAC is an amino acid and precursor to intracellular cysteine and glutathione, both of which are integral to the detoxification pathways. Studies have demonstrated that NAC appears to exert protective effects by modulating glutathione metabolism and the biotransformation of mutagenic compounds.

What is Biotherapeutic Drainage?

We all know that detoxification is an important component of optimal health. In order for our bodies to work at their full capacity, they need to be able to rid themselves of the toxins that accumulate from the things we breathe, eat, drink, and even touch. When the toxins that accumulate in our body exceed the rate at which our organs are able to get rid of them, we can experience a plethora of negative symptoms, such as fatigue, muscle and joint pain, brain fog, chronic toxin overload bucketinfections, allergies, poor digestion, skin problems and hormone imbalances. Therefore, it’s imperative to periodically reset our body’s pathways of elimination (also known as emunctories) and keep our personal “bucket load” of toxicity from overflowing.

For most, periodic detoxification is the best way to get the body’s emunctories (the liver, kidneys, intestines, bladder, lungs and skin) back to their peak level of drainage. But detox programs can sometimes be harsh and push the body towards the upper limits of its elimination capacity in order to remove these toxic accumulations. For some, this process can make them feel much worse before they feel better, and deplete the body of important nutrients and minerals. Detoxification has its place when there is severe toxicity present, but for those who want to periodically drain their emunctories and keep their elimination at an optimal rate, or have very sensitive systems, this may be an extreme way to go.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative method of eliminating toxins called Biotherapeutic Drainage. Biotherapeutic Drainage is a gentle, intracellular process that facilitates the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins on its own, without forcing the body beyond its natural limits. Drainage gently restores health in a long-lasting way by helping the body return to its true natural state of health. Drainage can also be done in combination with other medications without any negative side effects.

UNDA’s Biotherapeutic Drainage kits are a fantastic way to get started on the path to optimal elimination, and are a convenient three-week kit containing everything you need to facilitate your emunctories through deep intra- and extra-cellular elimination while respecting natural physiology. There are four kits containing synergistic formulas to target specific elimination pathways:

  • Liver & Kidney + Adrenal Support: This kit contains synergistic formulas traditionally used as a global drainage protocol targeting the primary emunctories of the liver and kidney.
  • Immune Support: This kit contains synergistic formulas traditionally used to support key emunctories related to digestive health (stomach, liver), while respecting the body’s natural physiology. This kit is ideal for year-round defense, and especially before the start of cold and flu season.
  • Stress & Insomnia Support: This kit contains synergistic formulas traditionally used to support the emunctories and encourage overall physical and mental comfort. It’s ideal for symptoms related to stress and stress responses, such as agitation, irritability, oversensitivity, mental exhaustion, restlessness and insomnia.
  • Urinary Tract Support: This kit contains synergistic formulas traditionally used to support the key emunctory (kidney) as related to urinary tract health. This kit is ideal for symptoms of urinary tract conditions, including inflammation of the mucosal membranes in the urinary passage.

New Year, New You: Level 1 Detox


As the ball drops and the pages turn on the calendar of a new year, attention also turns to fresh starts and resolutions. A great way to get a fresh start for the new year (and to recover from the bloated holidays) is to do a gentle detox to help support your liver and give your body a tune up so you can face the coming months with a clear head and a boost of energy.

Since your body already has its own detoxifying system in your liver and kidneys, it’s important when doing a detox to focus on supporting your liver so it can help to better clear out all of the stored toxins in your system from all that pie and candy. The most important component of a good detox plan is diet, so it’s important to make sure you’re consuming more than juice while you’re cleansing.

We recommend a 1500- to 1800-calorie intake, consisting of light protein; it’s important to have a consistent supply of protein to manufacture the amino acids necessary for liver clearance. Meats that are breaded, processed, fried, or unclean are to be avoided. Chicken, fish, turkey and protein powders are preferred, but organic red meats are permissible. You can also incorporate plant-based protein sources, such as beans, seeds and nuts.

In addition to protein, you’ll want to stock up on cruciferous veggies, such as broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts and cauliflower. These vegetables are sulfuric, which helps your body produce that all-important Glutathione necessary for helping your liver clear out toxins. If you have inflamed or stiff joints, you might want to try eliminating the nightshade family of vegetables, such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes.

You also want to stay away from any substances that will stress your liver, such as processed sugar, alcohol, dairy or caffeine. To boost your detoxification level, try these adding these supplements to your plan for optimal cleansing:

  • Metabolic Maintenance Metabolic Detox: This delicious plant-based protein powder is an excellent supplement for elimination diets. Since it contains all essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this shake makes an excellent detoxifying meal replacement for those on the go.
  • Pharmax Liver Support & Detox Intensive: This comprehensive combination of herbs and vitamin C supports liver function and helps get the detox engine going. Antioxidants such as bilberry, black currant and green tea support enzymes in the liver that process and remove toxins.
  • Readisorb Liposomal Glutathione: This potent Glutathione supplement provides more than 400 mg of the “key antioxidant” to help your boost your liver’s ability to flush out toxins and to help defend cells against oxidative stress.
  • UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage Kit—Liver and Kidney: Detoxification can have the potential to stress the body, but UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage™ kits work in a gentle manner on a cellular level to help facilitate the body to eliminate toxic accumulations and re-balance the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins.
  • Innate Response Innate Detox: By combining the most supportive, potent botanicals, such as milk thistle and dandelion, with a therapeutic dosage of N-acetyl cysteine and a cruciferous food blend, Innate Detox brings about the most profound effect on the detoxification pathways of the liver.